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Offer a helping hand to make the world a better place. Donate Real Estate.

Donate real estate to charity through our planned giving real estate services.

Ways to donate

Direct to Charity

Donate direct to the charity of your choice so they can determine how to use the property or the proceeds to make the world a better place, one brick at a time.

Through a Donor Advised Fund

Donate property to a Donor Advised Fund. Let us help you choose the fund to ensure your assets meet its donation criteria Get the most from your giving. 

Through our Property Enhancement Program

Charities reject 80% of real estate donations.  We show you how to say YES, to real estate through our Blueprint to Proceeds property enhancement program.

Property Enhancement Program-say yes to real estate gifting

Most real estate is rejected by charities because the property...

  • does not cash flow due to low occupancy or high expenses
  • requires repairs and maintenance
  • is leveraged with mortgage debt
  • is distressed
  • is contaminated with environmental concerns

We encourage charities to accept real estate donations by...

  • teaching real estate donors how to match their properties with the charities of their choice
  • training charities how to ask for real estate to help execute their philanthropic mission
  • repositioning and reusing the property for a higher purpose 
  • installing energy and cost saving efficiencies to reduce its carbon footprint
  • increasing appeal and occupancy for a stronger NOI & valuation
  • bringing necessary capital to pay for improvements
  • converting the real estate into proceeds for charity

Why donors should consider donating properties today...

  • to receive a tax deduction in the year the property is donated
  • to avoid capital gains tax 
  • to create an income stream or lump sum to live on after donating
  • to leave your legacy and make the world a better place for all


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