Our Real Estate Services

Value Add Services

Don't just hand over the keys. 

Let us assist you with value enhancement and energy saving techniques to increase donor deductions and maximize charitable proceeds. 

We start with what really matters: 

The wishes and dreams  of the donor and the charities that serve the causes that make a difference for those they serve.

Let us add to your future and those you serve.

Commercial and Residential Value Add

  • Many properties are not ready to donate. They need tenant improvements, repairs and maintenance, or to be renovated or repositioned in the marketplace before charities can use or sell them. Some need to be refinanced or debt free. 
  •  After careful review, DP and the donor or charity, will agree on an improvement program that outlines the costs and benefits  to enhance the value of the real estate for the charity and the donation for the donor.
  • DP will oversee the project, manage the contractors and source the capital necessary to improve the property.  
  • Upon completion, DP will work with the charity to reuse or dispose of the property to maximize the charitable proceeds. 

Rely on Our Network of Real Estate Professionals

If you have questions about enhancing and donating your property to charity, trust us to find you what you need fast. We make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way.